10.11.18 – I deleted all my posts

Long time no talk. I decided to take a new route with this blog. I wanted to have the freedom to treat this as my journal. I’ll be honest, I wanted to be able to write about whatever the fuck I wanted to, which is why I took the “foodie” theme away. Don’t get me wrong, I am still obsessed with food, but there are so many other things I want to write about. This time around, I am not going to worry about getting views. I am going to use this site as therapy for myself.

We often see many blogs that make us want a certain life. I’m going to write about what goes on in my head, whether it sounds crazy or not. If this can help me move forward and grow, then I have achieved my goal. If I can influence one life who is struggling with similar things I am &/or enjoys similar activities, that I have achieved my dream.

Here are a few topics you can expect me to write about:

  • Food; of course (I hear I have good tastebuds 🙂 )
  • Drinks; because we all need our wine to survive
  • Anxiety; my number one struggle in life
  • Low confidence; what I am trying to work on
  • Exercise; I need to hold my self accountable for my progress
  • Work; another big struggle in my life. Whether it’s confidence, work/life balance, career dreams, what work is really like, etc
  • Fashion; this is my outlet
  • Cooking; my other outlet
  • Beauty; ok one last outlet
  • TV shows; because I need to catch up on Netflix
  • Movies; I don’t watch enough
  • Technology; I am a nerd
  • Activities; Maybe this blog will give me an excuse to leave my house
  • Overall life struggles; there are so many to name
  • Dating; boy do I have stories!
  • Dreams; they say writing the down will help you accomplish them?
  • Travel; a girl can dream?
  • Comfy clothes; I am very passionate about this
  • Female issues; who wants to actually ask someone verbally about this when you can just read it online?
  • sooo much more……..

Stay tuned…